iPad mini (2021) now generously discounted at Best Buy for a limited time

Best Buy is running a nice 3-day shopping event with discounts on multiple products. For all you looking for a great iPad right now, you’ve got the chance to get an epic discount on the latest model of the iPad mini! Right now, the iPad mini is $100 off at Best Buy, no strings attached! Additionally, if you have a device to trade-in, you can save up to $300 more.

The iPad mini is one of the best small tablets on the market right now. It was released back in 2021, but it’s still fast and capable even in 2023, thanks to a powerful chip and Apple’s well-known device longevity. This iPad features a 8.3-inch display, ideal if you’re looking for a more compact tablet.

Under the hood, it sports Apple’s A15 Bionic chip. The powerful chip ensures all the heavy lifting is done with no sweat – the iPad mini can handle any task you wish to do on it, including video editing, photo editing, drawing in Photoshop with lots of layers or gaming.

Also, the iPad mini is great at multitasking as well. You also get a one-day battery, ensuring you’ll go through a school day or a work day without a problem. And with this great discount at Best Buy, this tablet is almost a steal.

Best Buy’s also giving you four months of free trial for Apple News+ and Apple Music (new or returning subscribers), and three months free for Apple TV+ with your purchase of this iPad.

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