Samsung has a special Galaxy Watch 5 edition at a very special Black Friday discount

If you’re looking for one of the best Black Friday smartwatch deals available, well, on Black Friday (which just so happens to be today) and find the requirements of Samsung’s top Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro discounts a little too restrictive, you might also want to take the latest Golf Edition promotion into consideration.

This comes directly from Samsung as well, allowing golf fans however to save a cool $100 without jumping through any hoops whatsoever. That brings the… very distinctive-looking Galaxy Watch 5 Golf Edition down to new all-time low prices of $229.99 and $259.99 in 40 and 44mm sizes respectively.

We’re obviously talking about non-cellular-enabled models here that are only equipped with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity while rocking an aluminum case coated in a single “Graphite” color and a decidedly eye-catching two-tone band.

An “exclusive” watch face, stylish green home button, and an included lifetime membership to the popular Smart Caddie app lead Samsung’s list of special “golf-themed” customizations, with the latter feature further enhancing the value of this killer new deal by normally costing a whopping $100.

You’ll naturally get that completely free of charge… if you hurry, and as Samsung very eloquently puts it in its official marketing material, your (deeply discounted) Galaxy Watch 5 will thus be able to do “everything but carry your clubs.”

Of course, the Galaxy Watch 5 Golf Edition also comes with all of the “general” fitness tracking and health monitoring tools of a standard Galaxy Watch 5 model in addition to the ability to supervise your game and even help improve your golfing skills.

And just like “regular” Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro variants, this bad boy can be knocked (way) lower than $229.99 with the right trade-in. We’re talking as low as $64.99 (!!!) and $94.99 in 40 and 44mm sizes respectively. Now that’s what we call one of the most spectacular Black Friday Galaxy Watch deals you can possibly snag at the moment.

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