Samsung Knox Suite helps the Swiss Guard in protecting the Vatican and the Pope

The Vatican. Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, home to the Pope and thousands of iconic art pieces and breathtaking architecture. Visited by 25,000 tourists on an average day. And, as you probably know, a very high-protected place. It’s been guarded by the Pontifical Swiss Guard (Guardia Svizzera Pontificia or GSP), one of the oldest military units in continuous operation, since 1506. And guess what this highly-trained army has chosen to use on their mobile devices? Samsung’s Knox Suite! 

Samsung Knox used by the Swiss Guard for higher security 

We seem to always think Apple when we think mobile phone security… well, it seems the army protecting the Vatican thinks Samsung instead. Samsung now announced that the Pontifical Swiss Guard (Guardia Svizzera Pontificia or GSP) which is a highly-skilled army that protects the Pope and the Papal Palace in Vatican City, uses Samsung Knox Suite for mobile security.  

Since 1506, the GSP has been successfully protecting popes and the Papal Palace in the Vatican. Things have changed since the first time these duties were performed, and now, instead of a halberd (a pole-type weapon), the GSP has modernized its tactics and technology. 

The GSP needed an extremely reliable and robust solution for mobile communications that were smart and secure, offering digital security at the same level as the security of the Vatican’s Apostolic archives (remember how Robert Langdon got trapped in the Vatican archives in the Angels and Demons movie? We’re talking about THAT level of protection!). 

The GSP chose Samsung’s Knox Suite as their mobile device management platform. It helps IT admins secure, deploy, and manage devices. The Suite is capable of handling the most complex mobile security needs. Like, for example, remotely managing and monitoring the location of every device used by the GSP or erasing data if a device is lost or stolen. 

Samsung’s Knox Suite also helps the GSP in high-risk scenarios. The GSP can use the platform to instantly share threat information across multiple devices. Patrol leaders can also view where all members of the GSP are located in real-time. Yep, no real-life Robert Langdon (or even worse, someone with ill intentions) can break in and steal an important secret scroll! 

The GSP also uses Knox Manage to limit non-essential app use for a simplified user experience that helps the guards perform their duty without distractions (yep, no guards scrolling on Instagram).

Knox Manage can also be used during the next papal conclave, for example, to help safeguard information and communications during such key moments. 


The GSP uses rugged Galaxy devices like the Galaxy XCover Pro and Galaxy Tab Active series too

Thanks to using rugged Samsung devices, the GSP has reported fewer repairs and fewer devices needing replacements. Although the GSP is “the world’s smallest army”, its members bare an enormous responsibility and their devices need to be up there with military-grade equipment. 

The GSP uses the Galaxy Tab Active 2 and 3, for example, taking advantage of the enhanced touch for use with gloves, long-lasting and replaceable battery, and Samsung DeX on the Tab Active 3. 

The Tab Active 3 also offers a high-resolution display and a programmable key that can be used to provide instant access to critical apps like push-to-talk or any other emergency function. 


Although Samsung’s known for leading the market with innovation with devices like the Z Fold 4, for example, the company has another side as well – enhancing tradition with the digital age’s tools. And what’s even more important – Samsung Knox Suite was picked by the GSP for its military-grade tools and mobile protection, suitable for a highly-secured place like the Vatican. So now, when one thinks of mobile protection, Samsung should be coming to mind.

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