UK visa prices are increasing for visitors and students: Here’s what you need to know

The UK government has said how the profits will be spent.

If you are looking to apply for a UK visa in the near future, it could cost more than you might be expecting.


The country is hiking fees for most visas – including those for students and tourists – from 4 October, following an announcement by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in July this year. It applies to travellers from around the world who require a visa to enter or stay in the UK.

The move comes ahead of the launch of the UK’s new Electronic Travel Authorisation visa scheme.

What is the price increase for UK visas?

It means that the cost of a visit visa for less than six months, for example, will increase by £15 (€18) to £115 (€133). Fees for two, five and 10-year visit visas will also go up.

Applying for a student visa from outside the UK is also set to get significantly more expensive. Those studying in the country will be required to fork out £490 (€569), bringing the cost in line with the amount charged for in-country applications.

Transit visas, which allow you to enter the country temporarily to change flights or catch a different form of transport to your final destination, are not expected to get more expensive.

A full list of the new fees for UK visas and immigration services can be found here. The charges are due to be introduced from 4 October, subject to parliamentary approval.

Why is the cost of UK visas increasing?

In July, the British Prime Minister announced that visa costs would increase to meet the country’s public sector wage increase.

“All of those fees are going to go up and that will raise over £1 billion, so across the board visa application fees are going to go up significantly,” he said.

The Health Immigration Health Surcharge – a fee paid towards the UK’s state-funded National Health Service – is also expected to increase. But, the Home Office says, this change is not being introduced until later in the Autumn.

The UK Home Office says that there will be a 15 per cent increase in the cost of a majority of work and visit visas. Priority visas, study visas and certificates of sponsorship are due to rise by at least 20 per cent.

It applies across most kinds of visa including applications to register and naturalise as a British citizen.

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